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"bummz & crummz" : episode 4

episode 4 - bummz and crummz First airing on FOX June 24, 2007, Episode 4 of Myrtle Beach TV takes viewers to Bummz Beach Cafe in Myrtle Beach on an unusually chilly and windy day in June.

We also returned to Hoskins to find out some of the locals favorite places to go as well as some of the places to avoid.

The web notes segment had Marcia Lynn relaxing at the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk and talking with webmaster Richard Sinners of Coastal Internet Services.

The local musican's segment featured songs written by Chris Ward and performed by both Chris and Sean McKenna. Warren also talked with singer/songwriter Chris Ward to find out more about this multi-faceted and talented young entrepreneur.

We also visited with Dave Owens at Capt. Daves Dockside Restaurant in Murrells Inlet, allowing him to tell viewers a little about his restaurant for this episode's restaurants segment.

In our giving back to the community segment, Bill Norman spoke with Dan Cicoria about the annual Cruise to the Coast car show.

And Warren's tech notes segment instructs viewers how to clean both rollerball and optic mice.

Watch the windows media hi-def version of the show online now.


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