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"idols, buds, & stumps" : episode 11

episode 11 - idols, buds, and stumps This week's episode had us covering the Carolina Idol finals at Karma Teen Nightclub on the strip in downtown Myrtle Beach, where we also ran into one of our future hosts, Susan Trexler, as well as Willie C, a guest from our first show of the series.

Less than a block away at Nightmare Haunted House we ran into friend Henry Hillard, who told us a little about the show there, and what makes it different from other haunted houses in the area.

We also watched James"Buddy Man Stumpy" Burgess work the crowd (that his antics gathered) along the sidewalk, and talked with him about his career and work in movies and on television series.

We also talked with Chris Ward of Eagle Realty about Eagle Cove, a preconstruction project in Little River, and with Sean Mckenna fans at TBONZ Barefoot Landing.

We also caught Jennifer of Weekly Surge in action at Overtime Sports Cafe in North Myrtle Beach.

Congratulations to all Carolina Idol contestents, and to winner Germaine McCray of Longs, South Carolina.

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