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"summer redux" : episode 14

myrtle beach TV episode 14 - summer redux In the hopes it would help new viewers watching, for our first show in the new Friday morning time slot on FOX we did somewhat of a rewind of the first 13 shows of the series.

Before we revisited the summer's previously aired fun, we shot a behind-the-scenes segment of the BOB FM birthday party at Broadway at the Beach this past week-end. All in attendance were treated to a free concert by Starship with Mickey Thomas.

For our redux, viewers were re-introduced to Steven Goodwin, CEO of Hard Rock Park, and Sara's Beach Walk, the largest charity initiative in Myrtle Beach history. The inaugural event takes place September 20, 21, and 22 along the beaches of the Grand Strand.

Each band and musician profiled on the show over the past couple of months was re-featured in a condensed version, with re-edited snippets of both performances and interviews.

A recap of talking with locals revisits conversations with locals in a variety of fields, and about a wide range of topics.

Viewers also watched a compact, two-minute rewind of the web notes segment with Marcia and other web developers we had on the show, which included tidbits from some of them on development and projected changes online in the months and years ahead.

A quick glimpse of the various tech notes segments with Warren was also shown.

We also thanked all the individuals and organizations who were featured on our giving back segment segment of the show by airing a recompliation of the people and contributors interviewed.

After informing both new and regular viewers about the availability of episodes and information on the show's website, a series of favorite behind the scenes bloopers brought the 14th episode of the show to a close.

Watch episode 14, "summer redux", in its original HD format, by clicking here, or by clicking on the episode 14 screenshot above.

First air date on FOX TV: August 31, 2007


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