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"Speechless" - myrtle beach TV episode 17

episode 17 - Speechless First airing on FOX Friday, September 21, 2007, episode 17, "Speechless", takes viewers to several events around the Grand Strand, including the Weekly Surge's first birthday party at Club Boca, where David "Daz" Smith talks with GM Baker Haynes about Surge's staff, freelancers, content, and first year on the Grand Strand.

At Club Boca, we caught Red Emotion Riot, formerly Kid Drew, and Daz also talked with them after their performance about their new CD and what the three talented young Myrtle Beach musicians had been up to since relocating recently to Charleston.

Daz also talked with Prez of Wave 104.1, who came out to enjoy the festivities at Celebrity Square.

Cathy Honeycutt of FOX TV and Michelle Watkins of Seaserver updated viewers on current and upcoming events while at Pat and Mike's in Little River for a Little River Chamber Business After Hours.

Cathy also talked with Ginny Lassiter at Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash, a large art gallery that displays the work of local talent in both Carolinas.

We shared an early Oktoberfest (yes in Septemeber) with viewers that the Little River of Chamber of Commerce held along Mineola Avenue, enjoying German food, music, and talking with Craig Hill and a few locals while there.

Due to time constraints the previous week, it wasn't until this episode we were able to air "Have you forgotten?", the draping of flags on the bridges of the Grand Strand to commemorate 9/11 and those still serving in the armed services who defend our freedom.

Viewers got an update on HB Spokes, which burnt to the ground recently, and we showed the outpouring of support from patrons and the community for the popular biker bar and its owner and employees.

Along with Scott Honeycutt of Sweetgrass Catering, we visited Little River Deli on Highway 9, a locals' favorite lunch spot. Marcia was rendered speechless for the first of two times this week.

The second segment which for a time rendered the normally chatty Marcia speechless as well.was a dental documentary for anxious patients.

Here we travel to the dental offices of Dr. James Mills, for a behind-the-scenes look at a painless, stress-free way to a beautiful smile.

The show ends with an introduction to an upcoming segment, "Jerked" by the talent at Tequila Mockingbird, and with firm denials by Prez about his... well, viewers will have to wait for that one!

Watch episode 17, "speechless", in its original HD format, by clicking here, or by clicking on the episode 17 screenshot above.


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