Ta-Ta for Now : myrtle beach TV episode 24 of the series
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"Ta-Ta for Now" myrtle beach TV episode 24 of the series

episode 24 - Ta-Ta for Now First airing on FOX Friday, November 9, 2007, episode 24 of the myrtle beach TV series entitled, "Ta-Ta for Now" does just that -- gives viewers highlights from the week, including the Moving Wall at Broadway at the Beach, and does a ta-ta for a little bit as producers take a much-needed rest after this episode.

Watch episode 24, "Ta-Ta for Now", in its original HD format, by clicking here, or by clicking on the photo of the Moving Wall to the right.

You may also watch, separately: Episode 24 is entitled "Ta-Ta for Now" because we are taking a much-needed break from the weekly broadcast production schedule.

We're still out shooting events, some of which may eventually air on FOX or the Internet, and expect to return to our regular weekly FOX slot in early January.


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