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FAQs : stuff we're asked all the time

1. Can I have a copy of the footage you shot?
We're happily donating our time, money, and resources to produce the myrtle beach TV show. We're not doing this show for money, so please don't ask us questions that make us leave our "labor of love" mode and go into our "commercial" mode. We charge a minimum of $1000 per 30 seconds of finished video, so please enjoy what we've produced, but don't ask us for copies.

We also do not give away copies of raw footage of any event, person, performance, etc., whether the footage ends up being chosen as part of an episode or not.

If the footage you were part of made it onto one of the show's episodes, and you want people to see it, point them via a text link to this site where we stream every episode in proper aspect ratio and quality.

2. Is the show, episodes, segments, copyrighted material, including the segment I'm/we're in?
Yes. The show, all raw and edited photos and video footage, is wholly owned by Myrtle Beach Inc., producers of the myrtle beach TV show. It is not legal to copy, distribute, alter, in any way, the myrtle beach TV show, in whole or in part. Any and all segments of the myrtle beach TV show are for personal viewing only.

We do weekly checks on youtube and around the web for videos produced by Myrtle Beach Inc. that have been illegally copied and distributed, and will report any violations found.

3. Can you make us a DVD of just our segment of the show?
See answer #1
4. Can we use what you did in our EPK?
See answer #1
5. Can we have just the audio portion of your video for our website?
See answer #1
6. Can I put the video you shot on our website?
See answer #1

7. Can I say that on TV?
Probably. Maybe. We might bleep portions out if it's funny.

8. Why isn't your show on in the evening?
The main reason it's on in the morning is that it'd be thousands more $$$ airtime per month to be on in the evenings. That said, we believe our show's format and content would be much more suited for evening or late-night viewing. Which, of course, is one reason we're happy to offer every show on the web.

9. Can you put a link to my website on the show's website?
Maybe. Probably. Call, email, or ask us in person.

10. Who does Marcia's hair?
Okay, except once as a joke, we're never asked that question. We threw it in so see if you're reading the FAQs to the bottom of the page, or if you stopped at the top when you saw you couldn't get a copy of the footage we shot. :-)


We're asked questions 1-6, or some variation of them, every single day, and we're asked them more than any other questions. It is our sincere hope that one day we're not asked those questions anymore.


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