Behind the scenes at myrtle beach TV : outtakes, bloopers and fun clips
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Myrtle Beach TV behind the scenes : outtakes, bloopers and embarrassing clips

There's a LOT of shooting each week when making a weekly TV show... and most of the footage doesn't make it into the final 30-minute version that's aired each week on FOX.

We do end most episodes with a few of the bloopers and strange things that happen while on location each week.

We'll sometimes even repeat a few of the funnier clips that happened during the course of the series.

In the near future, here on the show's website, we're going to unveil even more clips that didn't make it into the show.

When we sure we're not going to miss a week's deadline for the broadcast, we'll upload some additional blooper and outtake streams for your enjoyment (and our embarrassment!).

Behind the Scenes of Episode 01 Watch the behind the scenes segment from episode 1 by clicking here or on the thumbnail to the right.

You can watch all aired behind the scene segments at the end of the episodes online.



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