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Web Notes with Marcia Lynn Walker

Do people understand the impact of the internet?
How it's changed the way we communicate with each other?
How we shop?      How we sell stuff?      How we book our travel plans?      How we listen to music?
How we market our businesses?       How we talk to each other?
How we brand our products and services?       How we express ourselves?       :)
How we entertain ourselves?       How we keep up with news?       How we watch "TV"?

How many people realize that distribution of each shift above began with the innovative development of, and targeted traffic to, a domain name?

~marcia lynn walker

The North Myrtle Beach Chamber's technical manager

Web notes with Antonel Neculai In episode #19, airing on FOX Myrtle Beach on October 5, 2007, Marcia talks with Antonel Neculai, MIS/Database Manager of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber.

Antonel, hailing from Romania almost a year and a half ago, holds a master's degree in Communications and Public Relations, and specializes in applying electronic communication tools to the Internet.

In answer to Marcia's question about what he likes most about this area, Antonel doesn't hesitate to point out that he loves the quality of people here.

Antonel also gives his opinion on where he sees the Internet headed in the next two years, a vision Marcia shares.

Watch the segment with Antonel Neculai by clicking on the text link or on the photo above.

Web Notes Redux : A rewind of highlights from interviews with web developers on shows 1-13

Web notes redux from episode 14 When myrtle beach TV switched from Sunday mornings to Friday mornings on FOX, to orient new viewers to the show, several segments of episode 14 summarized the show to date, including the web notes segments that aired during the first 13 episodes of the series.

Watch the web notes redux segment from episode 14, first aired on FOX August 31, 2007.

Podcasts, partnerships, & celebration of a decade

In episode 8, Marcia talked with Raymond Elling of Discover Myrtle Beach about his company's upcoming 10th anniversary, the content on the website, and the new weekly podcasts he implemented on the site this year.

marcia lynn walker talks with raymond elling of discover myrtle beach at island cafe and bar in pawleys islandEspecially noteworthy are the weekly podcasts Raymond has been doing from Hard Rock Park, giving locals and others ongoing progress updates about the park's plans, construction. and progress.

In the same episode, Marcia also talked with Anthony Caywood, Raymmond's partner in the Myrtle Beach VIP card, about the success of their ongoing business and their affiliate program.

Click to watch episode 8, which includes the web notes segment with Discover Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach VIP Card.

Informal fun with three area web developers

Warren and Brandon Sauls of iCoastalnet On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in July, Marcia Lynn and Warren Walker met up with Brandon Sauls of iCoastalnet for lunch on the deck of Crab Catchers in Little River (Brandon arrived by boat). The three developers (Warren and Marcia Lynn have been developing sites for many years as well) talked a little about Brandon's company, web development, and web marketing. See snippets of their lunch and conversation in episode 6.

brandon sauls and marcia lynn walker talk at crab catchersWarren and Marcia Lynn enjoyed their lunch with Brandon so much, and wished they were hopping on a boat (instead of loading in a production truck) when it was over, that a couple days later, they decided to rent a boat and hit the waterway in search of a place to eat and relax.

web talk with marcia lynn and warren walkerThey rented a pontoon for half a day from Myrtle Beach Watersports out of Little River, and headed south on the Intracoastal Waterway to Greg Norman's Australian Grille, turning back to stop and spent a few hours at Dynamite's at Dock Holidays at Vereen's Marina in North Myrtle Beach.

There they spent a leisurely afternoon talking more about web 2.0, blogs, search engines, direct navigation, and google. Watch various segments from those discussions in episode 6.

Using the web as an integral part of your marketing plan

Marcia Lynn talks with Richard Sinners on the Deck of Capt Daves Dockside Restaurant As in most cities around the country, restaurant owners and managers in the Myrtle Beach area appear to be a little behind the pack when it comes to understanding the power of the web, so Marcia Lynn found a local guy who handles the websites for several top restaurants: Richard Sinners.

Hear their brief discussion about internet marketing, while relaxing at the beautiful waterfront of Murrells Inlet, in episode 4.

The popularity & usefulness of web videos

With the explosive popularity of web video, Marcia Lynn went snooping around youtube and found a local guy who, as far as she could tell, currently holds the record for the number of myrtle-beach-area-related videos uploaded. His name is Willie C of Beach Music Cafe, and you can catch that segment, with Bill Norman interviewing him, in episode 1.



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