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"VIPs & waterway phil" : episode 8

episode 8 - VIPs and waterway phil Episode 8 of myrtle beach TV has us talking with Raymond Elling of Discover Myrtle Beach and Anthony Caywood of Island Bar and Grill in Surfside and Pawleys Island.

Together the two men also own and manage the Myrtle Beach VIP Card, the discount card on the Grand Strand for both locals and visitors.

Marcia talked with them separately and together for an expanded web notes segment.

In this local musicians segment, our viewers were treated to Black Label playing southern country rock live at the Beach Wagon in Myrtle Beach. Chris Ward also interviewed these talented guys to learn a little more about where they're headed and what they like to do for fun around town.

For our giving back segment, Bill Norman talked with Janet Harrold of Carefree Times to learn a little more about how they help others locally and from other areas.

First aired on FOX affiliate WFXB on Sunday morning, July 22, 2007, episode 8, subtitled "VIPs and waterway phil", can be viewed online here.


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