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Flos Place in Murrells Inlet

Inside the fun at Flo's Place in Murrells Inlet

We've heard about the fun at Flo's for years, but why it's taken us so long to get our butts in there, I can't tell you.

It was our good fortune that we finally made it in there last Sunday evening.

We had the pleasure of being thoroughly entertained, as well as royally fed, while Kat Daniels and ensemble played, and Diva Deb (Flo's daughter and owner/proprietor) danced and sang her soul out to a packed restaurant.

Deb also tells the shorty-story-version of the restaurant and how her father, Kat Daniels, ended up coming from New Orleans and now plays at Flo's Place every Sunday.

Watch the segment we did on all the fun at Flo's Place, and we're sure you'll be heading in there on Sunday, too.

There are tons of restaurants around us, and locals have several favorites in each of the different areas that make up the greater Grand Strand.

We try to get around to many of them, but with limited time due to a tight production schedule, we don't get to as many as we'd like.

Watch one we featured on the north end for lunch specials, the Little River Deli, first aired on FOX Myrtle Beach on Friday, September 21, 2007.

Just like other locals, there are several restaurants we enjoy shooting (and eating) at regularly. During the warmer months of the year, they're mostly ones with decks overlooking the ocean or waterway. The majority also tend to be on the north end, just like we are. If we lived on the south end, we're sure we'd enjoy most of our meals at or near the marshwalk.

myrtle beach restaurant appetizer Some of the places we eat and shoot at weekly include:
  • Dynamites at Dock Holidays
  • Bummz Beach Cafe
  • Crab Catchers on the Waterfront
  • Baker Street Gill and Grill
  • Greg Norman's Australian Grille
As the weather cools and oceanfront and waterway decks close, we move indoors for a lot of our on-location shooting, including the restaurant segments.

Interviewing restaurant owners & chefs

We were happy to feature several restaurants, with interviews of owners and chefs, in our early shows of the season.

We found, however, that interviewing the chef, manager, or owner had to be done during times when the restaurant wasn't serving, and didn't do justice to the restaurant as far as highlighting the food and patrons of the venue. So we broke from the format of formal interviews.

We continue to visit restaurants and talk about the food and atmosphere, just not in the format of a structured interview with an owner, manager, or chef.

myrtle beach restaurants guide

And we continue to rely on Myrtle Beach SC Restaurants, the world's most popular dining guide for the area, for input and guidance on what customers think about the various restaurants on the Grand Strand.

We may revisit interviews with restaurant owners and chefs in the future, perhaps at restaurants that stay open during the winter months, that aren't so overwhelmed with customers, like in the summer tourist season.

Below are the restaurants we already featured on the show that included interviews with the owner, manager or chef.

Angelo's Steak and Pasta

In episode 6, Angelo Antonucci of Angelo's Steak and Pasta, talks about his restaurant, years on the Strand, and the unique entertainment provided for his customers.

Capt. Dave's Dockside Restaurant

In episode 4, Dave Owens, owner of Capt. Dave's Dockside Restaurant, talks about the history of the Murrells Inlet restaurant as well as his new building and grill.

SeaBlue Tapas Restaurant

SeaBlue Tapas Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach is featured on Myrtle Beach TV's second and third show of the series, first airing on FOX on June 10th and June 17th, 2007.

In episode 2 of the series, see executive chef Bryan Bodle, who has been with the restaurant since it opened and has helped transform this restaurant that specializes in global small plates into one of the hottest restaurants on the entire Grand Strand.

In episode 3, chef/owner Kelly Graham tells the story behind SeaBlue and the influences in her life that helped shape this successful restaurant.

Sea Captain's House Restaurant

The Sea Captain's House Restaurant was chosen for the premiere episode of the Myrtle Beach TV show, first airing on FOX June 3, 2007, because it was, at the time of broadcast, one of the Myrtle Beach restaurant guide's most reviewed restaurants, having received over 50 independent, user-submitted reviews since it was added to the site.

In the first episode, general manager Phillip Rateliffe talks about the history of the restaurant, the reasoning behind their "no reservations" policy, favorite dishes ordered by locals and tourists, and more.


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