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Myrtle Beach TV series on FOX
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Guests & cameos on the myrtle beach TV show

Myrtle Beach TV show 80 proof
Adam Justice, Tequila Mockingbird
Adam Miller, Ten Toes Up
AJ Case, Silversun Productions
Alix Michaels, Not The News
Allisson "Moral Support", SAVAS
Amy Lopez, SharkLegs
Angelo Antonucci, Angelo's Steak & Pasta Restaurant
Anthony Caywood, Myrtle Beach VIP Card, Island Bar & Grill
Arty Capell, Carolina Idol Contestant
Ashton Parson, Carolina Idol Contestant
Atom Justice, SharkLegs
Atysha Scott, Carolina Idol Contestant
Baker Haynes, Weekly Surge
Barry Allen, Sick Stooges
Bill and Darlene Oliver, All American Signs
Bill DeVaughn
Bill Norman, WNMB Radio
BJ Craven, Ten Toes Up
Black Label,
Bob FM Impersonator
Brad Long, Black Label
Brandon Sauls, iCoastalnet
Brandon Squires, Carolina Idol Contestant
Brent Taylor, Vereen Gardens Community Center Groundbreaking
Brian Lea "Boca" Mckenzie, SAVAS
Bryan Bodle, SeaBlue Restaurant
Captain Chris Long, Longway Charters
Carl Michael, Comedian/Magician
Carmine Pluchino, Myrtle Beach Corvette Club
Cary Simpson, Black Label
Casea David, Carolina Idol Contestant
Cathy Honeycutt, FOX TV, Myrtle Beach
Charlene Lynam, NMB Chamber of Commerce
Charles Barnes, Jr., Carolina Idol Contestant
Charles Freeman, Ten Toes Up
Chris Ward, Eagle Realty, This is Chris
Chrissy Kotsopolous, SAVAS
Chuck @ LaBelle Amie Vineyard
Chuck Stokes, Stages Video
Cindy Collins, Dynamites at Dock Holidays
Cleve Morris, Black Label
Craig Hill, Vereen Gardens Community Center Groundbreaking
Crew at Bob FM
Dan Cicoria, Myrtle Beach Cruise to the Coast
Dana Goldstein
Dave Gifford, Sanson Brothers
Dave Milligan, FOX TV, Myrtle Beach
Dave Sanson, Sanson Brothers
David "Daz" Smith, FOX TV, Myrtle Beach
David Atwater, Black Label
David Frost, SportZone
David Hawes, Coastal Engravers
David Owens, Captain Dave's Dockside Restaurant
Denaine Mccrowe, Carolina Idol Contestant
Derrick Armato, 80 Proof
Diane Smith
Die Mitternaechters
Don Campbell, North Myrtle Beach Parks and Recreation
Drake Heniford, Vereen Gardens Community Center Groundbreaking
Drew Voivedich, Red Emotion Riot
Duster Stanton, The Hitchhikers
Ed Jones
Eddy Byerly, Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club
Edward The Longshanks, SharkLegs
Flip the Banner Fish, SeaBlue Restaurant
Francie Baldwin, FOX TV, Myrtle Beach
Gabbie Rae, Singer/Performer
Germaine McCray, Carolina Idol Contestant
Gerry Ives, Myrtle Beach State Park
Ginny Lassiter, Sunset River Marketplace
Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club,
Gray Roper, Carolina Idol Contestant
Greg Ford, Red Emotion Riot
Greg Rowles, Not The News
Harold Worley, Vereen Gardens Community Center Groundbreaking
Heather Seay, Carolina Idol Contestant
Henry Hillard, Nightmare Haunted House
J.C., SharkLegs
James "Buddy Man" Burgess, Actor
James Mills, DDS, PC
Jamie D'lux, SharkLegs
Janet Harrold, Habitat for Humanity
Jason Duffield, Old Scobes
Jay Mozeley, Jay's, Rolling Thunder, Little River Chamber
Jay Rowe, Horry Georgetown Technical College
Jeff Sanson, Sanson Brothers
Jeff Sanson, Tim Clark Band
Jeff Thomas, Justin Newman Experiment
Jeffry Smith
Jennifer Edwards, Weekly Surge
Jennifer Thomerson, Carolina Idol Contestant
Jermaine Mccray, Carolina Idol Contestant
Jim Harris, Tim Clark Band
Jim Prigley
Jim Roble, Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club
John Powell, Pirates Cove
John Zilinsky, Attorney at Law
Joshua Gregory, Ten Toes Up
Justin Guarini, American Idol
Justin Newman, Justin Newman Experiment
Kala Marie, Coastal Carolina University
Katie Epperson, Murrells Inlet
Kelly Graham, SeaBlue Restaurant
Ken Auerbach, Sick Stooges
Kevin Krawchuk, Town Planner
Kevin Mercer, Tim Clark Band
Kevin Sanson, Sanson Brothers
Kevin Singleton, Red Emotion Riot
Kevin Smith, Carolina Idol Contestant
Kyle Thrash, Old Scobes
Lattie Upchurch, Capt. Poo's Blue Marlin
Lauren Porter, Dynamites at Dock Holidays
Liz Gilland, Vereen Gardens Community Center Groundbreaking
Mandelyn Davis, Carolina Idol Contestant
Marcel Almanzor, Eason
Marilyn Hatley, City of North Myrtle Beach Mayor
Mario Lopez, Dancing with the Stars
Mark Holt, Old Scobes
Mark Lazarus, Sun Fun Festival Committee
Marquita Rainer, Carolina Idol Contestant
Mary Martin, Little River Chamber
Matt Garcia, Tim Clark Band
Matt Reed
Mean Joe Greene, NFL Hall of Fame
Megan Daniel, Carolina Idol Contestant
Melinda Chappel, NMB Aquatic and Fitness Center
Michael Lang, Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club
Michael Wood, SAVAS
Michelle Lopinto, NMB Humane Society
Michelle Watkins, Seaserver
Mickey Thomas, Starship
Mrs. "Rita" Calabash
Nathan "Nate Dawg" Utz, 80 Proof
Nicky Creech, Bell and Bell
Noah Byrne, Tequila Mockingbird
Norton Johnson, Jusin Newman Experiment
Old Scobes,
Page Jones, Carolina Idol Contestant
Paul "Bagman" Johnson
Paul Prince, Vereen Gardens Community Center Groundbreaking
Pauline Levesque, Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association
Phil Pate, Grand Strand Resorts
Phil Phillips, FOX TV, Myrtle Beach
Phillip Rateliff, Sea Captains House Restaurant
Predice Hendrick, 80 Proof
Prez, Wave 104.1
Ramard Cunningham, Carolina Idol Contestant
Randy Atwood, The Hitchhikers
Raymond Elling, Myrtle Beach VIP Card, Discover Myrtle Beach
Red Emotion Riot
Richard Sinners, Coastal Internet Services
Rip Carteret
Rob Rotondo, Justin Newman Experiment
Roddy McCarson, Eason
Roger Yale, Sick Stooges
Russ Whitman, Eason
Ryan aka "Drummer Boy", SharkLegs
Scott Honeycutt, Sweetgrass Catering
Scott Perez,
Sean McKenna,
Seth Funderburk, SeaNote Recording
Shane Smith, Old Scobes
Sheila Suhrer, M Grand Resort
Sick Stooges,
Sophia Taylor, Carolina Idol Contestant
Steve Panetti, Sick Stooges
Steven Goodwin, Hard Rock Park
Stevie Mac, Eason
Sweetgrass Catering
Ten Toes Up,
The Hitchhikers,
The Tim Clark Band,
Thomas Harkless, Carolina Idol Contestant
Thummz @ Bummz
Tiler Brown, Tequila Mockingbird
Tim Clark, Tim Clark Band
Tim Dyer, Sick Stooges
Tim Kelley, Sick Stooges
Tina Graves, Hoskins Restaurant
Tommy Tipton, Black Label
Tonya Cason, Carolina Idol Contestant
Travis Newman, Eason
Vanity Mccray, Carolina Idol Contestant
Waterway Phil, FOX TV, Myrtle Beach
Willie C, Beach Music Cafe


Special thanks to the following local venues

3500 Ocean Grill, Prince Resort
Baker Street Gill and Grill, Little River
Beach Wagon, Myrtle Beach
Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach
Bummz Beach Cafe, Myrtle Beach
Captain Poo's, North Myrtle Beach
Club Boca, Celebrity Square
Crab Catchers on the Waterfront, Little River
Dead Dog Saloon, Murrells Inlet
Dynamites at Dock Holidays, North Myrtle Beach
Family Kingdom Amusement Park
Flo's Place, Murrells Inlet
Greg Normans Australian Grille, Barefoot Landing
Hard Rock Park, Myrtle Beach
HB Spokes, Longs
Hoskins Restaurant, North Myrtle Beach
Hot Fish Club, Murrells Inlet
Island Bar and Grill, Pawleys Island
Karma Teen Nightclub, Myrtle Beach
La Belle Amie Vineyard, Little River
Liberty Steakhouse, Broadway at the Beach
Liberty Taproom, Myrtle Beach
Marvin's, Downtown Myrtle Beach
Officers Club, Coquina Marina
Overtime Sports Cafe, North Myrtle Beach
Pat & Mike's Irish Pub, Little River
Pirates Cove, North Myrtle Beach
Revolutions, Celebrity Square
Spuds Waterfront Dining, Murrells Inlet
Tequila Mockingbird, Garden City
T-Bonz, Barefoot Landing
The Boathouse, Myrtle Beach
The Clubhouse, Myrtle Beach
The Venue (formerly Cowboys), North Myrtle Beach
Tim Clark's Rock-n-Roadhouse


Additional thanks to the following organizations

Conway Chamber of Commerce
Little River Blue Crab Festival Committee
Little River Chamber of Commerce
Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce
North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce
Sun Fun Festival Committee


while we do our best to be thorough, the above lists are not to be considered exhaustive of all appearances, venues, and organizations that have appeared on or contributed to the show


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